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Get the guidance and technical assistance you need to set up G suite

Your files can be accessed even if you aren’t online. It’s convenient to access files and make changes with our Qukon Suite package at any time. After reconnecting to a network, Qukon Suite automatically saves any changes you’ve made. Please contact us as soon as possible!

What We Do

Giving you peace of mind and allowing you to work smartly

A cloud-based productivity suite is offered through our Qukon Suite products, allowing you to work with your team from any location and on any device. Using and managing Qukon Suite is made simple for working smarter and concentrating on what matters.

More than ten years of G suite implementation expertise

Qukon is the ideal partner for your Google Cloud Suite deployment and technology needs because of our extensive experience implementing Google Cloud Suite, as well as our ability to provide training, incorporation, cloud application development, and a full range of support services.

One of Qukon Technologies’ partners is a certified Google Cloud Platform collaborator and a G Suite dealer. We provide companies with the communication tools they need to collaborate more effectively. The applications we create for businesses make the workday a little easier.

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and is fully licensed

Our certified consultants customize the application to meet each client’s specific requirements. When it comes to setting up an application, our Qukon Suite advisors and Google Cloud engineers are specialists at incorporating the client’s vision.

What is included in our G Suite package

Gmail for Businesses

Gmail, Google's flagship email service, powers Google Apps Email. We can assist you in setting up a Gmail account for your company and making the most of it.

Google Drive

Our G suite package includes Google Drive, which enables you to save, share, and access your files from virtually anywhere.

Google Docs

Documents can be created, shared, and worked on in real-time by the entire tea

Google Calendar

Meetings can be scheduled at times that work for everyone, reminders can be sent, and calendars can be shared easily.

Google Sites

You don't need to write a single line of code to create project websites. Creating a document is as simple as doing so. To make things even more efficient.

Google Chat

On your pc, mobile tablet or smartphone, you may hold a group chat and instantly convert it into a video or voice session.

Boosting your productivity and making things easier

With around-the-clock support, you have the capability to host impressive websites on a managed platform designed for creative agencies, marketers, and e-commerce businesses. Your files remain accessible even when offline. Making modifications and accessing files is a breeze with our G Suite package, available at all times. Upon reconnecting to a network, G Suite automatically saves any changes you’ve implemented. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience!


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New Client Special Offer

20% Off

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